There Will Be No Saudi Inspection Of This Ship! – A message from the “Iran Shahed” in the Gulf of Aden

We have reproduced below a message from Caleb Maupin, journalist and comrade from Fight Imperialism Stand Together who is currently onboard the Iran Shahed, delivering aid to Yemen in the wake of Saudi brutality:

The Iran Shahed is bound for the port of Al Hudaydah in Yemen

The Iran Shahed is bound for the port of Al Hudaydah in Yemen

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is mercilessly slaughtering people in Yemen, has absolutely no right to inspect this vessel. Neither does the United States of America or Israel. The Iranian government has made that absolutely clear, and all of us in the delegation of peace activists from Germany, France, and the United States absolutely agree
with this decision.

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Red Youth give message of solidarity to RKU

This month Comrade Ed from Red Youth attended the Congress of the RKU (Revolutionary Communist Youth) and delivered the following fraternal address:


Greetings Comrades, it is wonderful to be amongst fellow Marxist-Leninist youth!

First of all please let me extend my thanks to the executive committee of RKU for inviting Red Youth to this Congress and for the hospitality and ongoing friendship fostered between ourselves over the last five years.

Comrades, it was not so very long ago that the greatest catastrophe to befall civilisation took place – the dismemberment of the USSR and the collapse of a large number of the socialist countries. Although it was not so very long ago, many of us, myself included were just coming into the world. Our generation, a generation of post-Soviet youth, was born into an epoch of reaction, the weakening of the socialist movement and a period of great depression amongst the ranks of the revolutionaries. It has been a period of intensified imperialist aggression, a period whereby imperialism has looked to increase its stranglehold upon the planet, and enslave the youth of the oppressed countries. It was only natural that once our generation came to maturity, many of us would rebel against imperialism, and would seek answers to the problems which capitalism puts before the youth of the entire planet. The answers to our questions can only be found in the study of our society and its economic relations; the answers can only be uncovered through our application of science to the study of society, our method is Marxism-Leninism.

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CPGB-ML Pay tribute at the Soviet War Memorial, on the 70th Anniversary of the Victory over Fascism!

CPGB-ML and Red Youth comrades,  as well as members of the Stalin Society, laid wreaths at the Soviet War memorial in South London today, to mark Victory Day.

IMG_2550-0Following the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, in August 1941, after enduring great privation and destruction at the hands of the invaders, the Soviet people checked the German advance, with the heroic battles of Leningrad, Moscow, and Stalingrad, following which, the German Fascist armies were put to flight.

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Celebrate Soviet Victory over Fascism!

Today – 9 May 2015 – marks the 70th Anniversary of the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi German Fascism; when the red flag was raised over the Reichstag by the victorious Red Army, while Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin.

These are achievements of Socialism that we can and should all celebrate. Achievements that still show us that workers can vanquish the darkest armies of imperialism and build a bright socialist future based upon cooperation, and ending forever the exploitation of man by man and nation by nation.

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Sick of the election campaign already? Join the struggle!

An editorial by one of our younger Red Youth members. As the following shows, with Marxism to enlighten them, even school students are capable of understanding those basic truths about the present economic system that somehow seem to elude whole battalions of erudite professors.

Red Youth and CPGB-ML members gather before the May Day march, 1 May 2015

Are you tired of the same old lies and bound-to-be-broken promises we are being subjected to during this showcase of ‘western democracy’? Are you sick of the pitiful facade that the mainstream parties are kindly putting on for us in order to try and convince the country they are the best party to do the job of hiding the real cause of the financial crisis: capitalism? You’re not the only one.

However, as the general election approaches in Britain, more and more people seem to be falling for the Labour party’s patronising ‘For the people’ rhetoric. It seems that an awful lot of people have been hoodwinked into thinking that a vote for Labour is a progressive vote, while a vote for the Tories is a vote for more austerity and privatisation. That idea is partially correct, of course – the Tories will bring more austerity and privatisation.

But the key point for us to understand is that so will a vote for any of the main capitalist parties, Labour included, because they all serve the same class and follow the same one-point programme: to preserve the profits of the capitalists and the system of capitalist exploitation at all costs! The only real way the parties differ is in the extent to which they hide their true intentions and how they present themselves to the people.

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Harpal Brar addresses comrades in Trafalgar Square on May Day

You can check out more from our May Day contingent in London at our YouTube, including this footage of the demo:

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Whose tearing up Baltimore? Statement of the PSL.

Red Youth urges all our readers, supporters and friends to read, endorse, share, discuss and understand the statement issued by the Party for Socialism and Liberation on the unfolding events in Baltimore. All power to the revolutionary sections of the US labour movement. Each one, teach one!

Baltimore protests

If the young people of Ferguson had not rebelled, Mike Brown’s name would have been forgotten. The town would still have the same mayor and police chief. The cops would still be fining and arresting Black people for every conceivable thing, including “Manner of Walking in Roadway,” “High Grass and Weeds,” and even bleeding on police uniforms during a beat-down. There would have been no Justice Department investigations or presidential commissions. If the young people of Ferguson had not rebelled, the city would be, for most of the country, just another dot on the map; just another forgotten impoverished Black community.

Now the whole world knows Ferguson. The people who rose up declare their hometown with pride. And now the whole world knows Baltimore and they will remember Freddie Gray’s name.

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