Glasgow and Birmingham meetings remember socialist victory over fascism

As part of the ongoing work this year to mark the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism, the CPGB-ML and Red Youth organised two well attended party functions in Glasgow and Birmingham at which Party Chairman Harpal Brar gave his presentation on the subject. Both functions were chaired by young cadres of the Party.

Glasgow Communist Party

Drew introduces Harpal in Glasgow

Birmingham CPGB-ML

Austin speaks for Red Youth in Birmingham

Much is written and spoken about WW1 and WW2 – yet it is truly staggering how few people, and particularly how few British workers, really understand the causes and significance of this struggle, in which 60 million workers gave their lives.

The imperialists (Britain, France, USA, Germany, Japan…) fought, and many millions died to preserve and enforce the wage and colonial slavery of the capitalist class. They fought for slaves and booty and nothing more.

And yet by their masterful leadership, bold strategy and heroic courage and self-sacrifice, the Soviet Union and international communist movement, won world-historic victories which not only preserved their hard won socialist nation, but brought into being new socialist democracies across Europe and Asia, invigorated the anti-colonial struggle, and decisively shifted the balance of power in favour of working people on a global scale.

The victories won by the Soviet Union changed and shaped our world, and all workers should not only know these episode in our history, but we should be truly proud of these earth shattering achievements made by our class, which herald the bright new world we are capable of bringing into being.

This presentation should be compulsory viewing for every British worker: help spread the word!

The bourgeoisie turns everything into a commodity, hence also the writing of history. It is a part of its being, of its condition for existence, to falsify all goods; it falsified the writing of history. And the best-paid historiography is that which is falsified for the purposes of the bourgeoisie.” (Engels, ‘Material for the History of Ireland’, 1870).

This shrewd observation of Engels should be kept in mind when judging:

(i) the causes of the Second World War

(ii) the events leading up to it

(iii) the role in it of the Soviet Union, on the one hand, and the imperialist camp, on the other hand, and

(iv) the results of the war.

The Second, as indeed the First, World War is inseparable from imperialism, whose product it was. Tens of millions of people were slaughtered to decide which set of bandits – the Anglo-American-French or the German-Italian-Japanese – was to get what share of the loot.

The only way out of the morass of imperialist wars is socialism; therefore the struggle against war must be inseparably connected with the struggle for the overthrow of imperialism and the establishment of socialism.

The ruling classes of the ‘democratic’ imperialist countries were complicit in the rise and strengthening of fascism. It was the crowning achievement of the Soviet people to have defeated Nazism – this monstrous product of imperialism in crisis.

The Soviet victory in the Second World War was a disaster for imperialism. If the First World War brought into existence the great and glorious Soviet Union, the end of the Second World War led to the creation of a mighty socialist bloc, stretching from the Soviet Union through eastern and central Europe to the Far East.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the bourgeoisie has gone on the rampage not only to belittle the role of the Soviet Union in defeating fascism, but also to malign the record of socialism itself.

This is particularly true of the Baltic states, Poland and, especially, Ukraine. In the last-named country, Stefan Bandera, the notorious Nazi stooge, is honoured with statues and street names as a great fighter for national liberation – not against the Nazis but against the Soviet Union!!!

The economic crisis of 1929 made the inter-imperialist war a certainty. The law of uneven development of capitalism saw to it that some countries, notably Germany, Japan and Italy, had spurted ahead in their development, but their share in terms of markets, mineral resources, and avenues for investment was dis-proportionately small compared with the share of countries such as Britain and France.

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Comrade Harpal’s talk, filmed in London, can be viewed here:

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Cuba, Korea, Venezuela: Building Peace; Fighting Imperialism

Last weekend, the CPGB-ML held its 2015 summer celebration of internationalism and BBQ. THe meeting was attended by over 100 of our members and supporters, and was addressed by representatives from the Cuban, DPR Korean and Venezuelan Embassies, who brought greetings from their governments and people, and updated comrades present on the latest developments in their struggles, and the contemporary situation in their countries.

Each of these countries, stands on the front line of the anti-imperialist struggle, and delivers a message of solidarity from their anti-imperialist, progressive and socialist movements, peoples and governments.

British workers have much to learn from the workers of these countries about how to build and maintain a movement for social emancipation.

Harpal Brar introduces the speakers, who addressed the CPGB-ML’s international BBQ, held at Saklatvala Hall in Southall, west London, on Saturday 25 July : Jorge Luis Garcia, Councillor of the Cuban Embassy; Hyon Hak Bong, the DPR Korean ambassador to the UK; and Helena Menéndez, press secretary of the Venezuelan Embassy, who spoke on behalf of their governing parties.

The North Korean ambassador, having just returned from Pyongyang, gave a direct answer and firm rebuff to the US’s increased demands that the people of the DPRK agree to give up their nuclear weapons and disarm.

In view of the fact that US imperialism invaded and committed the genocidal murder of 4 million men women and children on Korean soil within living memory, continues to press ceaselessly upon the people and government of North Korea; that it is armed to the teeth with conventional and nuclear weapons stationed in the South of Korea, Japan, the Pacific and other regional and international sites; and that the US continues to militarily occupy the south, it would be a dereliction of duty on the part of the North Koreans to give up their weapons.

The US not only has a clear first strike nuclear policy, it has explicitly named North Korea as a first strike target! This is the context also of the psychological warfare that the US and imperialist media run incessantly to defame the DPR Korea as a violator of ‘human rights’.

In view of the US’ own clear record of human rights violations in the US and world-wide, it is testimony to the power of the US imperialist media that any credence whatever is given to this campaign of hypocritical lies and slanders.

The meeting was packed with supporters and party comrades of the CPGB-ML, who were also addressed by Keith Bennett, as the principle speaker for the party.

All of the speakers contributions will shortly be made available.

Workers of all countries unite – we have nothing to loose but our chains; we have a world to win!


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Anarchism or Socialism?

What are the beliefs of the Anarchists? How are they different from the socialists and communists? In particular: is capitalism the enemy, or is the state machine the enemy?

What do the anarchists think workers should do if they are successful in getting rid of exploitative capitalism? What are the anarchists’ criticisms of communism? What are the basic ideas and beliefs of the communists that make it a useful guide to action, and empower workers to overthrow the old system of exploitation and build a new, peaceful and truly representative society? In what way is socialism more ‘scientific’ and systematic?

Harpal Brar, chairman of the CPGB-ML gives a historical and contemporary look at anarchism, from its philosophical and organisational origins to the present day anarchists and their ‘activity’, and compares it to the Socialist views of Marx and Engels.

A must watch for every thinking person, every would be revolutionary, and every worker who wants to build a better world.

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Weekend Mortality and the 7-day NHS

Red Youth:

Thoughtful article from a young doctor pointing out that Jeremy Hunt, Lord Prior, and the whole gang in government are not stupid, and not being incompetent, but are assiduously following the line of privatising the NHS:

“Lord Prior, the parliamentary under-secretary of state for NHS productivity, quietly announces an inquiry into private charges and insurance to fund the NHS. I.e to move the system from tax-funded to full charge-based private healthcare.”

Not untypically, the emphasis is put on the ideological line of the Tory government, rather than on the entire economic interest of capitalism, which is remained constant, in the face of dwindling working class organisation and political will, for decades, irrespective of the hand at the tiller (Labor, Liberal or Tory).

The real message of all of this: there is no such thing as Capitalism with a friendly face. Imperialism in its death throes is a viscous enough beast to take humanity down with it, unless we gain focus and courage and end this heartless, blood thirsty warmongering and profiteering system.

#iminworkjeremy must become #EndImperiaism

Originally posted on juniordoctorblog:

“If you are admitted to hospital on a Sunday, you are 15% more likely to die than on a Wednesday”.

This is Jeremy Hunt- quoting a paper without atribution from the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, conducted in 2010 by Freemantle et al [1] amongst nearly 15 million admissions.

Here is the actual paper:
Here are the ACTUAL conclusions
  1. Patients admitted on a Sunday were more likely to die over the next thirty days than a similar cohort of admissions on Wednesday- the ratio was 1.16 and the result significant, suggesting a true result of increased deaths by 16%
  2. 94% of these ‘admissions’ were emergencies
  3. 34% of deaths occurred within three days of admission
  4. You are actually less likely to die if you are IN hospital on the weekend – the Sunday to Wednesday ratio here is 0.92, or 8% LESS likely. As the authors also conclude, this…

View original 1,252 more words

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Stop playing games with our NHS

The following letter was sent by a Proletarian reader to the British Medical Association journal BMA News.Save our NHS
“Readers of BMA News over the last couple of weeks cannot fail to have noticed the BMA’s conspicuous ‘No More Games’ campaign, designed – we are told – to appeal to the UK government to stop “playing games” with the NHS.

With all due respect to the leadership of our trade union, what UK governments – regardless of party political stripe – have done and continue to do to the NHS since 1979 is not a ‘game’, it is a pre-planned step-by-step programme to re-privatise healthcare in this country.

The first step in 1983 was to take NHS executive power away from doctors and place it instead in the hands of new business managers.

Step 2 in 1990 was to replace the old funding system of simple block budget allocation, with an artificial ‘internal market’ whereby ‘providers’ would henceforth compete for funding from ‘commissioners’.

Step 3, from 1997, was the expansion of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI), whereby NHS Trusts were encouraged to ‘solve’ their funding problems by – in effect – paying for new (and often unnecessary) infrastructure projects on a credit card.

Step 4 was the introduction of ‘Foundation Hospitals’ – in effect embryonic private hospitals – from 2002: since then the government has decreed that all NHS Trusts must ultimately become Foundation Trusts, or else be subsumed into existing Foundation Trusts.

The final step was the Health and Social Care Act 2011, which in fact formally abolished the NHS as a universal free healthcare system: ‘NHS’ is now little more than the name for a pot of taxpayer money that will increasingly be directed to the government’s friends on the boards of private healthcare providers.

And so you see, the government is not ‘playing games’ here, far from it. It is no more likely to be dissuaded from privatising the NHS by appeal to reason or kindness than it was to be dissuaded from invading Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or Libya. Or Yugoslavia. Or Ukraine …

Perhaps if anyone needs to be told to stop ‘playing games’ here it’s the BMA?”

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CPGB-ML at People’s Assembly demo June 20

End Austerity Now Demo, London, 20th June 2015

End Austerity Now Demo, London, 20th June 2015

CPGB-ML and Red Youth comrades attended Saturday’s demonstration against austerity in London. Comrades cheered Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuiness when he declared that the Tory government were the “real spongers”, he said,

End Austerity Now Demo, London, 20th June 2015

End Austerity Now Demo, London, 20th June 2015

“Unlike the Tory millionaires, I live in the heart of the proud working class community of the Bogside in Derry,”

“The people the Tories are targeting are my friends, my neighbours, my family. They are fine, hard-working, proud and decent – just like our people in working class unionist communities.

“They are not parasites or spongers. It is Cameron’s cabinet of millionaires who are the real spongers given free rein to live out their Thatcherite fantasies at the expense of ordinary, decent communities throughout these islands.”

In the aftermath of what was presented by many as a ‘Tory landslide’, a groundswell of dismay greeted the 2015 election result. From quarters where well-meaning, better-off workers have been fooled into thinking that electing Labour will be Britain’s path out of austerity, much hand-wringing and agonising is now the order of the day.

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End Austerity Now: tens of thousands march

Demo Panorama

It has been reported that the demonstration attracted 250,000 people.

The End Austerity Now national demonstration in London this Saturday (20 June 2015) attracted over 250,000 people, by far the biggest single showing of public anger against the British regime in over a decade. Unions, political parties, activist groups, and individuals came together under a single clear message – we won’t tolerate capitalist austerity that puts profit before people.

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