Wigan Diggers Festival 2014


 On Saturday 13 September, the Wigan Diggers festival came around for its fourth consecutive year. The festival was set up to celebrate the life of Wigan-born Gerrard Winstanley (1609-1676), a leading member of the 17th-century Diggers movement.

Last year’s festival was a great success, with around 2,000 people attending. The organisers worked hard this year to make it even better than the year before. There was an excellent line-up of music, stalls and activities.


The high-point of the day was a march through the town accompanied by an English Civil War era-style troop of drummers.  Spurred on by the tremendous positive response they received from the people of Wigan, our comrades boldly took centre-stage, proudly holding aloft the flags of Palestine and the Soviet Union as they marched.

Indeed, many CPGB-ML and Red Youth comrades attended this year’s festival, and one of our comrades was involved in the organisation of the festival itself. We also had a stall there, which allowed us to speak and have plenty of discussions about recent events, with a lot of people’s discussions focused around the NHS and Palestine. We had lots of books, leaflets and pamphlets available on the stall.

10626780_332208093613282_4309286412441055537_nThe festival was bigger this year than it has ever been, and the signs are that it will continue to grow, to become perhaps the biggest and most vibrant event of its kind in the North West.  We feel sure that our proud association with the Wigan Diggers Festival will continue to grow also, since the communists of today carry the proud tradition of Comrade Gerrard Winstanley into the 21st century and beyond.

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Online: red youth interview with marcel cartier

Check out these interviews with marcel conducted by a young member of red youth. Marcel has witnessed first hand the achievements of socialism in DPR Korea and Cuba. Thanks to Marcel for his time and speaking to red youth in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Glasgow this summer:

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Is Scotland a Nation? Inform your opinion!


On 18th September 2014 the people of Scotland will vote in a referendum to decide whether they will remain part of the Great British Nation.

Read “THE NATIONAL QUESTION IN SCOTLAND” here: http://www.lalkar.org/issues/contents/sep2012/scotland.html

It is undeniable that the Scots have a Scottish Culture and national consciousness – but it is our contention that the poeple of Scotland developed all the characteristics of nationhood in the late 18th and early 19th century – and precisely at that time elected to throw their lot in with the people of England and Wales to join in the creation of a British Nation.

The Scottish and English – British – ruling capitalist class cooperated fully in their quest for industrial development, conquering colonial markets and creaeting a fully fledged empire, characterised by the systematic export of capital, the exploitation and domination of millions of clonial peoples.

Morever the British working class came together, including the poeple of the highlands, islands and lowlands of Scotland, to either make their fortune in assisting the British project, or to cooperate in their quest for chartism, and for either reform of the exploitative capitalist syustem, or its revolutionary overthrow.

Adherants of left nationalism make all sorts of claims regarding the prospect of an independent Scotland – that it will bring world equality (at least one step nearer), that it will give rise to a fair and just (albeit monarchist, capitalist and imperialsit!) society; that it will rid scotalnd of nuclear weapons, or aggressive armies (although Scotland will remain part of the most aggressive warmongering imperial alliance ever assembled – namely NATO -, and will seek to become a member of the EU imperialist club), etc, etc.

Rest assured, that the British monopoly capitalist class are not offering the dismemberment of their exploitative machine, or marauding armies. The State will not be broken by an independant Scotland as envisaged by the SNP, SSP, or any other member of this alliance.

These parties can win at best a little more personal influence and power. They will not bring the British people – be they English, Welsh or Scotch – one step closer to meaningful freedom. Rather they can achieve only the sowing of greater discord, and disorganisation, among British workers, with the diversion and false poanacea of ‘independence’.

The truth is that the only fight that can bring equality and justice to the working beople of Britain, is the fight against capitalism and for socialism – that must place decisoin-making power in the hands of workers.

What is urgently required is not more divisive nationalism, but the wide adoption of an internationalist outlook and approach to our problems: Workers are better together; stronger united. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XD687At2NvU

In this excellent presentation, Harpal Brar, speaking in 2012 in (the semi-autonomous republic of) Southall, explains “what is a nation?”, and goes on to adderss the specific question “Is Scotland a nation”.

Excellent introductory and explanatory fotage – Don’t vote before you watch!

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Western Leaders Fear-Monger to Mobilize Support for Air-Strikes on Syria

Originally posted on what's left:

By Stephen Gowans

One of the roles of leading politicians and top officials of the state is to enlist public support for policies which serve the goals of the upper stratum of the population from whose ranks they sometimes come and whose interests they almost invariably promote. When these policies are at odds with the interests of the majority, as they often are, the mobilization of public consent is possible only through deception. The deception is carried out through prevarication, equivocation, and fear-mongering, crystallized into misleading narratives which the mass media can be reliably counted on to amplify. So it is that Western officials have ramped up a campaign of deception to provide a pretext for military intervention in Syria to combat ISIS but which may very well serve as a Trojan horse to escalate the war on the Syrian government.

The foundations of the campaign were laid in March…

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We Did Not Go to War, the War Came to Us!

Originally posted on SLAVYANGRAD.org:

Original: Cassad.Net / Interview by Victor Shapinov
Translated from Russian by Inessa Chabalina
Edited by S. Naylor


Militiaman with the call name “Artem” – my old comrade from “Borotba.” Before the war, he organized the working-class youth of Donbass in the struggle against fascism and capitalism, built a local cell organization. When the war started, he could not stand aside and joined the militia. Now “Artem” is wounded in the hospital and I had a chance to talk to him.

- Comrade, tell me how you got into the militia?

– When Maidan events just started, I had a feeling that this time the opposition would move on into a more dangerous stage. Compared with the “Orange” revolution in 2004, in 2014 there were already many organized, prepared, nationalist youth with good financing. The Ultras’ groups had grown and matured. Therefore, there was a feeling that this time they will pass…

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Syria speaks truth at the UN

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Public meetings in Bristol & Glasgow with Marcel Cartier: Eye-witness reports from Ukraine and DPRKorea

Marcel Cartier: Eye-witness reports from Ukraine and DPRKorea, more info…: http://youtu.be/4fjeHgvWDlw

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