F.I.S.T. delegation tears up stars and stripes in show of opposition to US imperialism

Eventful day for Red Youth in Quito

Red Youth and FIST with the remnants of the flag after the days events
Red Youth and FIST with the remnants of the flag after the days events

Red Youth was proud to meet up with our comrades from the US organisation Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST) during and after the opening ceremony in Quito. To huge applause from the crowd (and to the absolute horror of the US Trotskyite class traitors in Pathfinder) our comrades in FIST ceremoniously tore up the stars and stripes.

Speaking to Red Youth the FIST delegates explained that it was an act of solidarity with all those around the world standing up to US imperialism, including the workers and oppressed back home in the United States. Just like the butchers apron, the stars and stripes of the USA is a hated symbol of colonialism, flying in many occupied cities and countries around the world. After a long day at the festival our delegations spent the evening relaxing together and discussing contemporary political issues over a glass of pop.

Syrian delegation
Syrian delegation

The delegates from the Syrian Baath Party also received enthusiastic cheers as their delegation arrived carrying with them large Syrian national flags and portraits of President Assad. Other highlights for our delegation on this opening day included listening to and getting a wave from Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. Here’s a new video and a few more photo’s:


Red Youth with Syrians delegation
Red Youth with Syrians delegation
Delegations from across the America's including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Colombia are in attendence
Delegations from across the America’s including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Colombia are in attendance
Comrades from the RKU
Comrades from the RKU
Delegates from the Workers Party of Korea
Delegates from the Workers Party of Korea
Communist Party of Cuba arrive
Communist Party of Cuba arrive

British NPC meet at opening ceremony in Quito

Opening ceremony witness to fantastic scene’s of friendship and proletarian internationalism

Russian and Swedish comrades in the dinner hall with CPGB-ML central committee member Ranjeet
Russian and Swedish comrades in the dinner hall with CPGB-ML central committee member Ranjeet
Meeting the locals
Meeting the locals
SWAPO in attendance
SWAPO in attendance

In glorious sunshine the 18th Festival of Youth and Students opened in Quito, Ecuador with a wonderful display of revolutionary enthusiasm for the building of a world free from imperialism and war.

Delegations from across the America’s, Asia, Africa and Europe gathered for the opening rally which went on well into the afternoon. The Red Youth comrades were pleased to meet up with the other members of the elusive British NPC, all of whom had worked wonders to attend in the face of a concerted YCL attempt to provide little or no communication from the British Preparatory Committee. The British delegation therefore comprised Red Youth and a few of the “Young Socialists” (young Trotskyite sociopaths) and members of the Robert Clough Group (RCG).

Red Youth comrades spent the day enjoying the speeches and generally soaking up the atmosphere with our comrades from the Revolutionar Kommunist Ungdom (RKU) Sweden and friends from Russia, Belgium, India, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Argentina, Syria and Germany.

View on Quito
View on Quito

Red Youth arrive in Quito for the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students 2013

Red Youth delegates have received a warm welcome in Quito, landing at midnight local time (5AM UTC) after a marathon 24 hour journey.

Delegate Pack, 18 WFYS, Quito, Ecuador
Delegate Pack for the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students, Quito, Ecuador

So far, we are the only members of the British delegation to have arrived, and – although the defunct Brit National Preparatory Committee have not passed on our registration fees – Red Youth delegates have successfully registered.

Delegates who have already arrived are enjoying the buzz of the festival grounds, which are being prepared for the opening ceremony at 12:30pm (17:30 UTC) tomorrow, in the beautiful and expansive Parque Bicentenario, repurposed from the old Quito airport.

Parque Bicenteniario, Quito, Ecuador

The Festival’s slogan is “Youth united against imperialism, for a world of peace, solidarity and social transformation.”

During our short time in Quito, as well as enjoying the warm hospitality of the Ecuadorian people, members of the British delegation have already had the chance to meet with and talk to many other youth delegations from across the world, including Canada, the USA, Argentina, Russia, and Germany.

While travelling to Ecuador, Red Youth delegates were much saddened to hear of the death of Nelson Mandela, former leader of the African National Congress and central committee member of the South African Communist Party, who became one of the great symbols of the South African masses in their arduous struggle against the vicious, racist, colonial-settler apartheid regime.

Mandela and Hani
Nelson Mandela and People’s Hero Chris Hani

We send our condolences to the people of South Africa, who held him in such high regard as the first president of a non-racist South Africa, to his party comrades, his family, and the freedom-loving people of the world, who admired his articulate and self-sacrificing championing of the cause of equality and freedom.

We note with Mandela’s passing, that the ‘Freedom Charter’ –  the document that promised the redistribution of the wealth of South Africa, including its minerals, and its land, to the hungry and impoverished South African masses – remains unfulfilled; and that the struggle which he embodied during much of his adult life, remains to be fought and won.  South Africa’s workers and peasants look to their neighbour Zimbabwe as the model for solution to their poverty; one of many facts about Mandela and South Africa that all the press coverage of Madiba’s death is anxious to brush aside.

We are excited and privileged to be able to attend the festival with so many of our fellow optimistic and active youths from across the globe, all here to talk about how we can make the world a better place and achieve a future free from imperialism, exploitation, poverty, unemployment, famine, and war.

Red Youth comrades leave for WFDY Festival


World Festival of youth and students, starting tomorrow, in Quito, Ecuador.


When WFDY held the world festival of youth and students in Algeria, in 1991, Libya was a model nation, and active participant. After US and UK ‘intervention’ this proud nation lies in rubble.

2 Years ago, a peaceful stable and prosperous Syria participated in the World Festival, in Pretoria, South Africa. Since imperialism has taken it upon itself to destroy the happiness and well being of the Syrian People and youth, we wonder if we’ll have the opportunity to meet.

But Vietnam, Cuba, DPRK, China, show how by standing firm, rejecting imperialism, and proclaiming their firm belief that “nothing is more precious than independence and freedom”, it is possible to build a bright future for the masses of humanity.

Long live internationalism!

Angela from Peckham and Dan from Bournemouth have left for Ecuador to join this years festival organised by the World Federation of Democratic Youth and Students. Both comrades are active in Red Youth and are candidate members of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist Leninist). Unlike in previous years, the British organisers, both the revisionist YCL and their Trotskyite allies haven’t organised for the delegation to travel together, and despite our delegates paying a fee to this British gentry they’ve yet to receive any details about where exactly the festival is to be held! But undaunted we left them at Heathrow and saw them off with a cheery lal salaam!

Polish communists up against the falsifiers of history

We reproduce below the following message from the Communist Youth in Poland who faced challenges this May 1st. We are sure that through ideological struggle, devotion to the principles of marxism leninism and with steely optimism the youth in Poland will be able to defend socialist history and march towards a brighter socialist future in their country. Red Salute to the defenders of truth!

communist poland

This year’s 1st May march in Wroclaw was different. The Communist Party of Poland was invited by the organizers to take part in the event, however, unexpectedly during the beginning of the march, they were banned from unfolding their flag bearing the communist symbol of the sickle and the hammer. They were shown aggression and some people tried to damage their flags.

Some organizations (like the Union of Labour and the Committee for a Workers’ International) tried to defend our right to carry the symbols of communism, which, we point out, are totally legal in Poland and legally protected as the symbols of the Communist Party.

In spite of this, we were outnumbered by the anti communist aggressors (who like to call themselves the “radical left”). Especially intolerant organizations such as the Young Socialists, the Polish Socialist Party and the anarchists, shouted abuse at us, which we found somewhat strange as one of the anarchists abusing us has been for a long time in a close relationship with the Vice President of the Communist Party of Poland. They jeered and mocked that the Polish communists defend the many gains of Socialist Poland, the good name of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong Un and the truth about Hitler’s crime in Katyn.

The members of the Communist Party of Poland, as a sign of protest of such discrimination, marched silently, with their flags folded, through the city, then left the march. They were the only participants in the march that were not allowed to show the symbols of their party.

Along with the growing economical crisis there is growing capitalist (and their political representatives) aggression towards the communist party, the only organization that presents an alternative to the old order.


Komunistyczna Młodzież Polski
Communist Youth of Poland