Every Christmas day, the British government decide to wheel out the queen to give a pre-written speech that justifies the key lines of the year before and to provide a base idea for next year’s plans. Sycophants around the world readily tune in and watch adoringly, ‘British patriots’ so proud to be living in a monarchy in 2017, so proud of some random woman who won the genetic lottery and now lives in luxury while close to 20% of Brits live in poverty.  Let us have a look at the general proceedings of the speech, the subjects raised, and the manner in which they are raised, to evauluate the Queen’s Speech’s role in apologising for the British government.

The spectacle begins with a choir of children singing the British national anthem – “God Save Our Queen” – there are no cults of personality in the West nosir. Even with an extremely talented string group and children’s choir they can’t make the anthem in the least bit interesting, and it’s clear to pretty much every thinking person that asking a deity to save a woman who’s never been in peril in her life is a rather pointless thing to be doing.

The queen then comes on and talks about technology for a little while – bland filler that doesn’t have a huge political relevance. She talks about the home, about the importance of the home, and says that everyone thinks of their home as safe and secure. What cruelty, for the British head of state to talk about the sanctity of the home in a year Britian spent bombing Syria without the permission and co-ordination of its government, bombing homes, destroying cities. Look at poor Raqqa, so brutalised by IS, only to be ‘liberated’ by British-backed fighters – a liberation that involved razing the city to the ground, leaving nothing but rubble and ruins. How many homes destroyed, in a war started to destabilise Syria, to overthrow its government? How dare our head of state talk about the home’s sanctity when so many have been routed from their homes in the middle east, so many forced to flee Islamic State and Western backed ‘moderates’ (Jihadists) such as the FSA or Al-Nusra Front?

The terror attacks, which she goes on to talk about, are nothing in comparison. We in Britain have the luxury of being horrified by these attacks; in the middle east, particularly in Syria, they are mundane and everyday. Yes, we should be saddened and angered by these attacks in Britain, but rather than being angry at Muslims or Arabic people we should be angry at the real culprits, those who destroyed the middle east, tried their best to tear apart every progressive government – the USA, the EU, and yes, the United Kingdom.

This part of the speech is cut with footage of the queen visiting those in hospital, a fairly naked PR stunt designed to appeal to the sycophants and to make us all well up with patriotic pride in our monarch.

This stooge then goes on to cry crocodile tears for Grenfell, the murder of an estimated 71 working class people in an inferno. And yes, it was a murder. £5,000 is all it would have taken to put in proper, functional cladding that would have contained the cladding. We are the fifth richest economy in the world. The Queen, hypocritical stooge, is receiving £370,000,000 to re-do Buckingham Palace, entirely out of public money. For that much money proper cladding could have been put into Grenfell tower over 6,000 times. For money to be so mis-used serving a monarch, in the 21st century, is frankly disgusting.

Finally the queen goes on to talk about how ‘marvellous’ the Commonwealth is – the Commonwealth, Britain and it’s colonies. Not only do we refuse to apologise for the horrors of the British empire, let alone pay reparations, our head of state happily talks of us all as ‘one big family’, subtley adopting the paternalistic racism of Rudyard Kipling and his ilk (see The White Man’s Burden by Kipling). The Commonwealth is a symbol of oppression, of exploitation of the poor, and yet we keep it, never mentioning its origins and the atrocities we committed across the third world. The monarchy is the representative of Britain, of the British empire, and so it is natural that while we uphold the monarchy we also uphold the empire. The two go together intrinsically.

The Queen is a willing participant in a system that continues to exploit and destroy the poor, rape the world and profit off of the misery of millions. She is a profiteer from and an apologist for war, she represents the empire and Britian’s refusal to make reparations for the evils we’ve committed, and she is no friend of the British people.

Red Youth asks our readers to see the queen for what she is, to see her as an enemy and to never, ever, fall into the trap of viewing her as ‘innocent’, ‘brave’, or as some extreme toady’s label her, ‘noble’. She represents everything we as progressives must fight against.

Down with the monarchy!