Red Youth comrades leave for WFDY Festival


World Festival of youth and students, starting tomorrow, in Quito, Ecuador.

When WFDY held the world festival of youth and students in Algeria, in 1991, Libya was a model nation, and active participant. After US and UK ‘intervention’ this proud nation lies in rubble.

2 Years ago, a peaceful stable and prosperous Syria participated in the World Festival, in Pretoria, South Africa. Since imperialism has taken it upon itself to destroy the happiness and well being of the Syrian People and youth, we wonder if we’ll have the opportunity to meet.

But Vietnam, Cuba, DPRK, China, show how by standing firm, rejecting imperialism, and proclaiming their firm belief that “nothing is more precious than independence and freedom”, it is possible to build a bright future for the masses of humanity.

Long live internationalism!

Angela from Peckham and Dan from Bournemouth have left for Ecuador to join this years festival organised by the World Federation of Democratic Youth and Students. Both comrades are active in Red Youth and are candidate members of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist Leninist). Unlike in previous years, the British organisers, both the revisionist YCL and their Trotskyite allies haven’t organised for the delegation to travel together, and despite our delegates paying a fee to this British gentry they’ve yet to receive any details about where exactly the festival is to be held! But undaunted we left them at Heathrow and saw them off with a cheery lal salaam!

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