Public Meeting in London – Tribute to Muammar Gaddafi

Sunday 23 October 2011, 2-5pm

Kings Cross Neighbourhood Centre, 
51 Argyle Street , London WC1H 8EF

[2 minute walk from Kings Cross Station, down Grays Inn Road,
take the 2nd turning on right, the block is a short way along on the right]

In view of developments in Libya , this meeting will pay tribute to Muammar Gaddafi, an outstanding anti-imperialist fighter who laid down his life in the cause of the struggle of the Libyan people and the African and other oppressed peoples of the world against imperialist aggression.


10 thoughts on “Public Meeting in London – Tribute to Muammar Gaddafi

  1. As A supporter of TRUTH and HUMAN RIGHTS above all forms of political views I Thank You for your recognition of Gaddafis stuggle aginst US TRyanny AND the shocking Lies campaign endorsed by the UN to Massacre Gaddafi his family and commit war crimes against Libya n people So in Honor of gaddafi S struggle I was wondering iF someone could represent ME at your Public meeting as I do not know of one here and I live in Australia My name is Shirley Clay In honor Of Gaddafi Against US Impearilism

  2. The meeting was a great success. Well attended and an excellent speech by Cde Harpal Brar ,as well as passionate and insightful contributions from the floor. Well done comrades for putting it on. We will make the video available asap!

  3. Really it’s time you got a grip on reality. Gaddafi imprisoned, tortured and murdered anyone who threatened [or who he thought threatened] his continued rule of Libya. Surely even you can see that 42 years of anyone is enough of anybody. I certainly don’t approve of the manner of his death but his time was up. Well overdue actually.

    1. the thing is comrade, its not up to you to decide when anybody else’s ‘time is up’ – that’s a decision to be made by the people, and in this instance – the Libyan people. However this decision was made by western imperialist powers who proceeded to commit mass murder and genocide. As justification for this they get yourself and others ‘on board’ by throwing around all sorts of reports about the brutal nature of the gaddafi regime. When are YOU going to decide that ‘time is up’ for the brutal rule of imperialism….? If you ask us, “its long overdue”!

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